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The InVeStworks Model System (TIMS)

Everything you need to use this system successfully is here.  All FREE! 

Read this website like a book. The top links are 'chapters'. The 'pages' are the left menu options. Read the top links from left to right and the left menu 'pages' from the top down.

I sincerely hope you will use this system to make your life
better and help others to do the same.

From the Heart
Suzanne Kirkland Kincaid

"Real power comes from empowering others."  Jim Rohn

Making Money Is Easy ~ Easy as A, B, C - 1, 2, 3!
Interview on Exceptional Wisdom Radio

Abundant Blessings!  :-)

Who Could Use This Book?

Be home for the most important job

Senior Citizens
Create income for a quality retirement

College Students
Earn your degree without financial burden

Small Business Owners

Offer unbeatable benefits to your employees

Charities/Non Profits
Create an income for your cause and donors

Independent Politicians

Raise money for your campaigns and donors

Educational System

Create funds without bond elections
Create funds without raising taxes

Reduce classroom sizes
Increase teachers pay

Fund Sports, Music and Arts

Network Marketers
Maximum network with minimum resources
Utilize passive marketing for passive income
Maximum leveraging with compounded growth
Retain network for lifetime income

Network Marketing Companies

Simplify pay plans for more profits
Reduce expenses for more profits
Pay higher commissions to more members
Retain memberships/distributors

Anyone Needing Quick Funds

For Medical Purposes, Unemployment,
Foreclosure, Bankruptcy...anything!



The InVeStworks Model System
A Simple System of Creating
Financial Freedom On $1 A Day!
3 Key Requirements

1.  $1 a Day
2.  Three Companies
3.  Three Partners To Do the Same

3 Key Principles

1.  Minimum Requirements
2.  Maximum Leverage
3.  Passive Income

It is so wonderful, when someone gets an idea and is able to hold it purely enough that an entire movement or corporation will follow in behind it, because the movement of that Energy benefits everyone. - Abraham-Hicks

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As more and more people begin to experience joyful, peaceful, abundant living, the barrier between countries, cultures and religious philosophies will simply melt away.
Bijan, Effortless Prosperity

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